ERICKA Project

Global air traffic is forecast to grow at an average annual rate of around 5% in the next 20 years. This high level of growth makes the need to address the environmental penalties of air traffic all the more urgent.

To reduce CO2 and NOX emissions new turbine cooling systems will be developed under the EU collaborative project ERICKA.

ERICKA is a 7-million Euro European project within the Seventh Framework Programme, partly funded by the European Commision. The project, coordinated by Rolls-Royce, involves the main European aeronautic industrial organisations (Rolls-Royce, AVIO, MTU, Snecma) and other research institutes and universities from around Europe.

The objective of the project is to directly contribute to the reduction in aircraft engine fuel consumption.


ERICKA – A FP7 Collaborative Project

What is a FP7 Project?

The Seventh Framework Programme is the European Union’s Research funding programme covering 2007-2013. The total budget of the EU for research in FP7 is 51 Billions. The main reasons for this programme are:

• to gain leadership in key scientific and technology areas

• to stimulate the creativity and excellence of European research

• to develop and strengthen the human potential of European research

• to enhance research and innovation capacity throughout Europe. FP7 covers domain such as Health, ICTs, Security and Transport.

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The Cause Of Back Pain

backpainfuriDo you have reduced pain in the back? Otherwise, you most likely will, and also earlier compared to you believe. It is among one of the most usual conditions in the united state, with about 85 percent of the populace struggling with pain in the back eventually in their lives. Pain in the back is additionally the 2nd most typical factor for seeing a physician in the united state, adhering to coughings and also various other breathing infections. These data are comparable in various other nations.

95 percent of pain in the back instances (such as kink or a boring pains in the reduced back) are just what professionals call non-specific. That implies that the precise source is generally evasive and also could not be attributable to a recognizable problem (such as infection, growth, joint inflammation, or swelling, which specify situations, as well as the minority). With non-specific reduced pain in the back (LBP) being so usual therefore evasive, it has actually ended up being an industry with Americans investing a minimum of $50 billion every year on prospective therapy and also avoidance methods.

That could be an issue. Anytime you discuss a quantity of cash that big, you’re bound to draw in specialists– both reputable and also those that are, well, loaded with it– that declare they a) recognize the specific reason for your reduced pain in the back, and also b) have the remedy for it.

You should not think them– at the very least, wrong away.
Concern The Responses

Consider this: Pain in the back is most typically condemned on points like herniated (slid) back discs, bad postural positioning, absence of core stamina, snug hamstrings or hip flexors, as well as being obese. And also it’s these elements that several preferred therapy and also avoidance techniques declare to boost (or remedy).

These “realities” are held as unassailable to the professionals that advertise them. They base their experience on individual encounter as well as unscientific outcomes. It’s humanity: If somebody you understand gained from seeing a chiropractic practitioner, they will certainly consistently (noisally) declare their chiropractic practitioner a brilliant. Very same for your buddies which obtained favorable arise from a medical professional, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, massage therapy specialist, or individual instructor.

So exactly what’s the issue? When you check out the study with a chilly eye, the clinical legitimacy for numerous of the typical cases of reduced pain in the back triggers and also therapies is suspicious. To claim the least.
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